Licence number


Broker's name

Jean-Roger Kénol


File No.: 33-23-2491

Be advised that on March 12, 2024, the OACIQ Discipline Committee ordered that the real estate broker licence of Mr. Jean-Roger Kénol, whose establishment is located in Anjou, be suspended from April 15, 2024 to September 11, 2024, for committing the following offences:

Count 1: On or about April 27, 2021, when listing an immovable located in Montreal, failed to adequately protect and promote his selling client's interests when marketing his immovable and thus optimizing his chances of obtaining the best price and conditions, by falsely indicating on the description sheet posted on an information listing service that a conditional promise to purchase had been accepted in an attempt to prioritize the interests of a contractor.
Count 4a) and b): Concerning an immovable located in Montreal, falsely testified to the signature of co-owner B:
  1. On or about April 23, 2021, on the brokerage contract to sell;
            b. On or about May 4, 2021, on an Amendments form.

Count 6: On or about March 24, 2023, as part of an investigation conducted by the Assistant Syndic, in order to comply with her request to send documents, he obstructed the investigation by sending her a falsified form in which he had forged the signature of co-owner B on a version of the Amendments form.

Brossard, April 15, 2024

Sophia Di Gregorio
Discipline Committee Assistant Secretary