Competency Frameworks

The competency frameworks are guides to help future brokers understand what competencies must be developed and mastered in order to act ethically and responsibly in their brokerage practice.

Each skill included in the frameworks was based on an analysis of professional situations followed by a validation process with practitioners and professionals in each of the areas, in order to ensure that the frameworks reflect reality while meeting the requirements of the profession.

A professional situation represents the responsibility that befalls the broker in the course of his activities. These situations lead to professional actions being taken to bring them to fruition.

In turn, the professional actions taken require proficiency with the use of professional resources. These resources are essentially the knowledge that a candidate must master to take the professional actions required in an expert and efficient manner.

The examinations are based on competency frameworks designed* to reflect the professional activities of real estate brokers and agency executive officers. Check them out for a better preparation for the exam.

Last updated on: August 20, 2018
Reference number: 205256