Your appointment at the notary’s

The notary plays an important role in the successful completion of a real estate transaction, including by examining the titles. One of the notary’s main responsibilities is to draw up the deed of sale and the deed of loan.

To this end, the notary will verify, among other things, whether:

you, the seller, are the real owner;

you have the right and the ability to sell;

your spouse or another person must consent to the sale;

the lot measurements are accurate;

any rights-of-way exist, etc.


If the buyer does not show up at the notary’s on the appointed date, the reasons for this will need to be investigated. If the buyer simply no longer wishes to purchase, recourses are available to you. In this situation, you may seek legal advice.

Once the deed of sale is signed by all the parties, the notary will register the transaction at the Bureau de la publicité des droits. He will retain the funds until this step is completed, after which he will pay you the balance after deducting such sums as his professional fees, the amount due to discharge the hypothec, and any unpaid taxes or co-ownership fees.